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Chrono infotech delivers innovative products with the highest quality that helps to enhance your business in the competitive market.

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Core Features
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Awesome design

The design gives the first impression to the users. So we develop a creative design with an easy working function. Chrono will take extreme care to present a flexible design for our product.

Easy Customize

Chrono products are always easy to customize. Our products have the proficiency to modify to meet custom requirements.

Extreme Security

In modern days the security system plays a major role in product development. We always use advanced technology to enhance the security of our products.

Our Produts
That makes us top notch

Dedicated Dashboard Support

The dashboard designs are a unique and powerful way to present data. It presents all the information in a simple view. Dashboards aim to impart critical information quickly to users.

Dedicated Authentication Support

The login page is an entry page before entering the main page. It requires user identification and authentication to access an entire page. Login page ensures your security and protects your data from others.

Dedicated Report Management

The daily report is an important function of all types of industries and businesses. It helps to track your daily sales and transaction of your business.

Our Produts
That makes us top notch

Chrono eResto

Chrono eResto is a restaurant management system that helps to manage the restaurant more effectively and efficiently. This software will automate your inventory and billing operations. It is also suitable for all types of food businesses ranging from restaurants, bakeries, cafes, etc.

  • Applicable for any type of restaurants
  • Stock and Inventory Management

Chrono eSpa

Chrono eSpa management system is specially designed to help salons and spas businesses. The management software assists to handle all aspects of spa management operations, such as scheduling, stock maintaining, accounting and more.

  • Schedule Appointment
  • Staffs, Customers and report Insights

Chrono eGarments

Chrono eGarments management system is a modern and flexible business solution that helps to manage the various operations in the garments business. This system is specially designed and developed for the garment industry.

  • Stock management facilities
  • Daily reporting features

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